Yupcharge Cargadores para móviles Totems de carga HipHop ERGO render Wireless



Hip Hop is the new totem that stands out for its structure of modular sheet and removable. Integrates methacrylate screen for poster.

The fast and safe charging system is made by 6 strong-Kevlar anti-hacking cables compatible with all smartphones on the market, and includes Wireless Qi wireless charging technology in its tray, to serve the next generation mobile.

It is ideal to locate in vip areas due to its elegant design, easy access and its minimalist and visually appealing design.

HipHop, standard model, incorporates screen with graphic poster that can be customized with the brand.

Yupcharge Cargadores para móviles Totems de carga HipHop ERGO Render



1 Charge up to 7 phones simultaneously

2 Easy maintenance and installation “Plug & Charge”

3 AcT technology that offers more charging speed protecting the battery of the device

4 Includes Wireless fast charging for new generation mobiles

5 Modular station: can be installed as a totem pole or as a desktop (Hip model)

6 Customizable exterior appearance

Secure Charge

2 Years

Act Fast charge

High performance

Yupcharge Cargadores para móviles Totems de carga HipHopERGO render


  • Reference


  • Dimensions

    1570 height x 530 width x 500 depth (mm)

  • Power


  • Charging Systems

    • x6 3n1 Strong Kevlar wire
    • x1 Wireless
  • Input

    AC 100 – 240V / 50-60 Hz 0,85A

  • USB Output

    • USB Outputs: DC 5V – 2,4A fast charge (x6 USB)
    • Wireless Qi: 10W fast charge
  • Net weight


  • Material

    Steel ISO 10204, Interpoon 610

  • Color

    Black (RAL 9005)

  • Screen

    Graphic poster measurements: 300 high x 460 width (mm)

  • Certificates


  • Accessories

    Possibility of digital screen 19" LCD., Management of digital contents through USB or Media Player., Software for management of digital contents YUPDS., Possibility of external customization., Other colours - Consult.

  • Advertising support

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    Yupcharge Cargadores para móviles Totem de carga Hip Hop ERGO Render Wireless