The Tango is a cellphone charger for restaurants or leisure areas. It integrates 4 USB outputs with quick charge and a backlight for advertising space.  Tango offers charging solutions without having to be connected to a power supply.

This type of chargers are perfect to be placed on tables, bars or shelves in areas of hotel businesses and leisure establishments such as bars, pubs, discos, rest areas, etc.

It is an innovative service to offer to the customers on the table in a comfortable way and without having to leave the establishment.

The charging system is simple. The customer will only have to connect his/her device to the Tango with a wire and turn on the Tango charger.

In addition the Tango includes a screen to quickly visualize the state of battery of the product.



1 Charge up to 4 phones simultaneously

2 Easy maintenance and installation "Plug & Charge"

3 Autonomy: 24 hours. Digital display of battery status

4 Includes power supply

5 Does not include charging cables for user

Secure Charge

1 Years




  • Reference


  • Dimensions

    178 height x 120 width x 45 depth (mm)

  • Input

    5V - 2,1A

  • USB Output

    • USB Outputs: 5V – 2,1A fast charge * 4 USB
  • Net weight


  • Material

    High impact ABS flame retardant

  • Color

    Black RAL (9005)

  • Certificates


  • Accessories

    Charger cables 3n1 STrong-Kevlar (Ref 09Y3TIPS USB30CM), Anti-theft support Tango (Ref 09YC110017), Multi-charger Tango (Ref 09YC900017), Possibility exterior customization (2 Backlight)

  • Advertising support

    • Frontal Skinning : 160 x 92 x mm
    • Poster Backlight: 160 x 92 (mm)



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