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At YUP we provide innovative charging solutions for cell phones and other devices, being global leaders in the sector, with our experience we have been contributing for more than 15 years to the development of the mobile society and smart cities.

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We have different types of charging stations, from desktop products to mobile charging points powered by renewable energy.

We have national and international partners, we sell in more than 23 countries and we are constantly investing in R&D in order to offer better charging solutions.



Nuestra misión es proporcionar soluciones de carga innovadoras a los usuarios estén donde estén. Nuestra visión nos lleva a querer ser líderes globales en el sector a la vez que contribuimos en el desarrollo de la sociedad móvil.

Además todos nuestros cargadores de móviles públicos son una herramienta de marketing de proximidad al incluir espacios publicitarios para marcas e instituciones e, incluso, funcionalidades de comunicación 2.0.

Our technology

Act2 Charge

This charging method ensures that your phone is charging properly, which can help extend battery life. In addition, Act2 is easy to use and compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices. If you are looking for efficiency and safety when charging your cell phone, Act2 is the solution for you.

It is a smart charging method that identifies whether your cell phone is compatible with fast charging. If your phone is compatible, Act2 provides faster and more efficient charging so you can have your device charged in no time. If not, Act2 will not activate fast charging to avoid any possible

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Charging stations


We develop professional loading solutions for all sectors.

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We develop professional loading solutions for all sectors.

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We develop professional loading solutions for all sectors.

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