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Yup is a leading European manufacturer in the design and development of charging solutions for electronic devices in public spaces. Solutions adapted to the mobile, digital and micro-mobility community. A service to the digital native community that allows to be always connected and mobile away from home.

(Micro) Mobility

We are ECO

We launch the new urban parking ecosystem for micro-mobility infrastructures in cities. Sustainable parking for personal mobility vehicles with charging systems and high security.


YupCity is the sustainable parking ecosystem that organizes urban spaces, provides security and enhances personal micro-mobility.



Mobility today is more sustainable thanks to the use of personal vehicles such as scooters and bicycles. There are already more than 8 million users in Spain. YupCITY is part of this change.

Reducing emissions is one of the great challenges facing our society. In 2020, more than 200,000 megatons of CO2 were emitted in Spain alone. YupCITY contributes to reducing emissions.


The use of renewable energies allows energy consumption to be sustainable and socially responsible. In Spain, almost 60,000 megawatts will be generated by 2020. YupCITY promotes clean energy consumption.


Using local resources is sustainable for the environment and brings wealth and development to the local economy. It is part of the SDGs included in the 2030 Agenda. YupCITY is Kilometer Zero.


We are ICT

We manufacture professional charging stations for electronic and micro-mobility devices. Our quality standards comply with all European certificates and seals that allow us to guarantee an optimal final product and service to both national and international customers.

The internal R+D+i department (inhouse engineering) is constantly searching and developing solutions to the new needs posed by smart cities to offer more services to the digital community.

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Charging stations


We develop professional loading solutions for all sectors.

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We develop professional loading solutions for all sectors.

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We develop professional loading solutions for all sectors.

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