Ecological Charger

Soleo is an outdoor charger that works thanks to renewable solar or hydraulic energy. The standard model of Soleo integrates solar charger to give service to 8 USB with IP54 protection against the weather + 1 Wireless Qi fast charging.

In addition, Soleo can offer Wi-Fi and IoT technologies such as environmental sensors that measure temperature, humidity or air quality in cities and thus observe, measure and obtain statistics of this information in real time through a management dashboard contents.

In short, an iconic solution that fuses new technologies and sustainability to help develop “Smart Cities” that offer digital interconnection services and secure charger citizens, respecting the environment and moving forward into the future.



1 Weather protection system in USB.

2 Solar panels monocrystalline.

3 AcT technology that offers more charging speed protecting the battery of the device

4 Battery Autonomy: more than 7 days.

5 Resists winds up to 80km/hour and 200 kg in seats.

6 Battery AGM without maintenance.

Secure Charge

2 Years

Act Fast charge

High performance

Big Data



  • Reference


  • Dimensions

    3004 height x 950 width x 1697 depth (mm)

  • Power


  • Charging Systems

    • x1 Wireless
    • x8 USB ports
  • Input

    Panel 50W

  • USB Output

    • Batteries: 12V - 100Ah
    • USB Outputs: DC 5V - 2,4 fast charger (x8 USB)
    • Wireless Qi: 10W
  • Net weight


  • Material

    Steel ISO 10204 , Interpoon 610

  • Color

    Silver RAL (9006)

  • Certificates


  • Accessories

    Charge option through Hydraulic Picoturbine (100W)., Wifi 3G/4G repeater., IoT sensors: temperature, humidity and air quality., Not include cables for the user., Possibility external customization.

  • Advertising support

    • Frontal Skinning : 230 x 230 x mm



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