Exclusive Technology AcT

At Yupcharge we have developed our own charging technology AcT (Agile Charging Technology), which optimizes the need for charging power according to the connected device.

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AcT, the main ally of your battery

Our charging technology is born with the aim of keeping your battery in perfect condition since it doses the energy of the fast charge to the needs of the different devices and according to their status and momentum.

Main advantages and benefits of AcT technology

  • AcT technology (Agile Charging Technology) offers energy delivery tailored to the characteristics of each mobile device and load cycles with optimized performance.
  • Our algorithm and exclusive technology, detects all the operating parameters of the device and analyzes them.
  • It offers the greatest amount of energy in the most efficient way, without saturating and heating the battery.
  • AcT technology can load compatible devices up to 4 times faster, since its methodology provides the necessary energy and speeds up the charging process.
  • With this technology, you can also adaptively load all eUSB powered devices, including Android and Apple.
  • Integrated electronic safety devices protect devices from excessive current flow.
  • AcT, protects the device from overheating and overcharging the batteries since it adjusts the proper amperage level.
  • Determines and dynamically adjusts the voltage level for each different battery at each moment of the charge.
  • Achieves greater efficiency since power is maximized at each point without damaging the battery.
  • In the world of smartphones it is the device that requests a maximum voltage and intensity and not the charger, AcT gives the maximum of energy adjusted at every moment and in a way that does not degrade the life of the battery or, even better streamlining it.
  • Fast charging (Qi) is a necessary technology, but it has as a limitation lithium batteries that can not be charged very fast without degrading their capacity.
  • AcT takes care of your charge and your battery to minimize damage and extend the life of our devices.