Know your clients and communicate with them

With Yup!Wifi you know who comes into your shop, you can draw your own statistics and information on your clients and use these data to communicate with them. Your clients will get free WIFI and you can send your best promotions and offers.

Yupcharge also has a wifi platform that is a powerful marketing tool.

When clients connect their electronic devices to your free WIFI, they will use their social network profile (Facebook, Twitter, Gogle+) or an email to log in. The platform extracts information and other data such as age, gender or other interests of your customer’s profile.

Then all these information can help you to communicate with your customers. Yup!Wifi can send by segments discounts and promotions through the platform control panel. In addition you will gain visibility on social networks and also “likes”.

Your client will obtain free WIFI and you will get a marketing tool to know better the costumers and send your best promotions and offers.

Yup Wifi

What are the advantages?

Wi-Fi Analytics Know your clients

Our analysis platform identifies your customers’ data in real time. A large range of tools that will help you to understand you clients like never before.

Social Wifi Promote your company on social networks

You will get “likes” from your wifi clients and you can send to them messages and promotional offers.

Wifi marketing Communicate with your clients

Yup!wifi bring to you information that permits to identify better your clients, create a bespoke advertising campaign by using various communication tools like emails or social networks.

Security control and personalization Personalize your wifi network

Change the name of your wireless network, add your logo, control the use of your social network and put a limit to connections. Take control and keep your establishment safe. Only you can decide how you want to do it.

How does it work?

It’s simple and easy to use. You only have to connect the Yup!Wifi to your rooter shop to create your wifi network with the name of your choice. This will be linked to your social network page like Facebook to get “likes”. Then, your Yup!Wifi will be ready to function.

Yup Wifi

Choose the name of the wifi for your clients.

Yup Wifi

Customize your wifi. For example clients can use Facebook to access.

Yup Wifi

Show your promotion. Your customers will see what you choose.

Yup Wifi

Your customers can surf the net