Yup Presence provides you with the necessary information to optimize your business to the maximum

Monitor the traffic of people passing through your store with our Yup Presence software

With our people counter technology and through the Wi-Fi network, we can detect how many people pass by or visit your business even if they have not connected to your Wi-Fi network and you do not have an Internet connection.

This tool is ideal to know the flow of people who go through your business at the end of the day, if they enter your premises, the time they spend inside, if they make several visits in time, the hours with more flow of people passing through and visits, etc.

With your Wi-Fi and Yup Presence you can know…

  • How many people visit your business?.
  • What are the hours of the day and days of the week with more people passing by?.
  • Control of entries and exits of your clients.
  • How much time does your client spend within your business?.
  • What degree of loyalty have you achieved with your customers?.
  • What economic level do the people of step and the clients of your business have?.
Monitorización del tráfico a través de Yup Presence - Yupcharge