Compra estaciones de carga para móviles

Sale of mobile charging stations

Do clients ask you where they can charge?
Give them a mobile charging point and make them feel attended through a value added service in your establishment.
We want to help you attract and make clients loyal with a demanded service that satisfies one of the largest needs in the smartphone era: to keep connected and with battery.
Yupcharge wants to cover the needs of everyone who needs a charging solution for their business. Our products are chargers for bars, restaurants, cafeterias, malls, gyms… Would you like one?

Rental of charging stations

Do you need to rent a charging station for an event, meeting, congress or festival…?
We offer a diverse variety of mobile chargers for events to adapt to the needs of each client and place. From charging lockers for mobiles to charging stations with digital screens.
The renting of mobile chargers is becoming more and more demanded by attendees, it allows the organizers and brands to offer their target a useful service and, also, they can act as an advertising call on brand stands.
What are you waiting for? Your audience needs to charge their batteries!

Alquiler estaciones de carga para móviles
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If you are a brand and you want to be present at establishments or events you can promote the Yupcharge charging service. The charging stations for mobiles can be personalized with your corporate image as all the models have advertising space..

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