Wireless Qi, the magic of wireless charging at your fingertips

In our portfolio you will find all models of chargers that integrate the Wireless Qi charge

¡Discover the Wireless model that best suits your sector and space!

Wireless Qi

In Yupcharge we have wireless chargers with fast charge (Quick Charge) and integration of Qi emitters, which you can integrate in any type of furniture without any problem.

Wireless charging works by induction in a similar way in all models and what we should worry about in this case is the quality of the device that supports or integrates it.

On the other hand, we recommend for the more sophisticated the Yupwireless Qi a charger without cables, with fast charge and that integrates a Qi standard transmitter. This type of charger has two possibilities, the visible or the invisible, which is integrated below the furniture and can not be seen.

And, is that possible with a single charger?

In Yupcharge everything is possible. We integrate the wireless device in the furniture of your business so that you give a service of added value to your customers.