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Our more than 11 years of experience and our complete product portfolio make us market leaders and experts in design, creation and manufacture of chargers or charging stations for innovative and professional mobiles that adapt to each sector and business.

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Yupcharge collaborates with public institutions to carry out an intelligent management of cities. Promoting the use of energy efficiency through our ecological charging solutions that work with renewable energies, such as solar and hydraulic, and that provide a natural charging service to citizens.

Yupcharge is the most experienced manufacturer of charging solutions for hospitals and medical services. It provides robust, economical and cost-effective charging stations to maximize visitor satisfaction and minimize disruption to medical staff.

It is increasingly latent the need for physical stores to differentiate themselves from the competition and be at the height of e-commerce. At this moment comes the imperative digital transformation of businesses, whether large or small, retail chains or large distribution, supermarkets or shopping malls, all must bet on the store of the future: the Smart Boutiques.

The renewal and evolution of many supermarket chains, and retail in general, has been based for years on the improvement of their products. Let's say that the challenge of innovating was focused only on improving the product portfolio. If the range were innovative, the brand was also innovative. But, the current concept of innovation and evolution has changed. Innovation must be developed by the brand itself through creativity, incorporating value-added services that make the purchase a different and unique experience for the buyer.

The biggest challenge for both sectors today is to achieve digital transformation, and to interact with their target audience and the new generations that are already part of the consumer circuit. At Yupcharge we are leading manufacturers of professional charging stations and have been working for these sectors for more than 10 years.

In such a fragmented and competitive sector, sports centers need to differentiate themselves. Yupcharge, with more than 10 years of experience in the sector, helps you to integrate charging service in an easy way, with more than 30 models that adapt to the needs of the center and users. In addition, you can do the equipment maintenance and the installation is easy and convenient.

In schools, all students are constantly watching their smartphone's battery. Their constant use during free time between classes, events and study sessions makes this a problem. Running out of battery limits productivity, opportunities and social connectivity in the study environment. But also the staff and faculty of the center have the same problem.

Throughout our lives, citizens of the world spend more than half of our time moving from one place to another, whether for leisure, work or need. During these journeys, whether long or short, we have the imperative need to be connected to our mobile devices, either for pleasure (reading, informing, interacting...), or for work (skype, meetings, emails, platforms...).

We have a wide range of charging solutions for each of the professional sectors, from desktop charging stations to install in restaurants, hotels, theme parks, universities, casinos ... to stations prepared for the weather that work with ideal renewable energies for municipalities and Smart Cities (ecological hydroelectric or solar energy)