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We integrate “IoT” technologies to our equipment to turn it into intelligent furniture

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We invite you to know our latest news so you can be informed of the most innovative charging stations and intelligent furniture. From desktop products, lockers and totems to furniture for public spaces, our equipment incorporates the latest technologies that offer security and cargo security in public spaces.

We develop technological tools that we incorporate into our solutions to guarantee the degree of user satisfaction and enhance security barriers that other products on the market do not offer.

The raw material chosen for our equipment is of the highest quality: industrial materials of great durability, methacrylate doors and security closure through electronic Keypad are just some of the examples we use to maintain a quality standard superior to that which exists in the market.

All our products incorporate charging plates with proprietary technology “AcT” (Agile Charging Technology) that manages the charging process of each device optimizing it and protecting it from exposure to overheating of its lithium batteries.

In addition, our 3n1 Strong-Kevlar cables that we install in all our products or have as accessories, are exclusive of cargo avoiding the tracking of personal data and the hacking of them.

We also incorporate intelligent measurement software suitable for each product and sector to offer integrated solutions that incorporate “IoT” concepts. This integration of hardware and software makes Yupcharge a smart charger.