Frequently Asked Questions

Charging station?

What is a Yupcharge charging station?

It’s a mobile phone charger for businesses, events or public places. The final user can charge smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, cameras and other electronic devices. It is used as a common charger

Where to find yup! chargers?

Where can I find this service?

Download our app and you’ll find mobile charging stations in bars, restaurants, cafeterias, malls, universities, train stations, sports hall, parks, city centres…

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Generally the Yupcharge service is free for the final user. For those who want to obtain our charging solutions, we offer from renting of mobile chargers to directly selling or even distributing our products

Is it a safe system?

Could the charging system be harmful to my device?

No, don’t worry. Our charging boards are developed to detect the type of mobile connected, the status of your smartphone’s battery and to offer the maximum charge to the device in the smallest amount of time possible, without harming it.

What devices can I connect to a Yup! charge?

Can I connect my device to any Yupcharge charging station?

Almost all the Yupcharge charging stations include a minimum of 4 cables with the three types of connectors of the market (micro USB, iphone4 and lighting). Also, some charging stations have multiple USB ports so you can connect your own cable if you’d like, and also 220V plugs.