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Who are we?

We provide innovative charging solutions for mobile and other devices, being global leaders in the sector, with our experience we have contributed for more than 10 years to the development of the mobile society and smart cities.

+ de 10 años pioneros en el sector

Fabricante líder del mercado

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Yupcharge, founded in 2007 in Barcelona, is the world leading manufacturer of charging stations for mobiles and other devices, allowing people to charge batteries outside of home.

For that we rely on multiple types of charging stations, from desktop products to charging points for mobiles that work with renewable energy. We have national and international members, we sell in over 23 countries and we constantly invest in R&D to offer better charging solutions.

Also, all our public mobile chargers are a tool for proximity marketing as it includes advertising space for brands and institutions and, also, 2.0 communication functions.

Our mission is to provide innovative charging solutions to the users wherever they are.Our vision makes us want to be global leaders in the sector as we contribute to the development of the mobile society.

We are manufacturers

We develop our own charging equipment for mobiles and we manufacture them following the demanded regulations.
The Yupcharge charging boards use a technology that detects the type of mobile that has been connected and the status of its battery, to offer it the maximum charge in the smallest time possible.
Our charging system guarantees data protection of the user’s mobile devices, avoiding “Juice Jacking”, a practice that consists of hacking all the private information in mobiles by introducing malware in them.

Charging stations in Smart Cities

In the Smart Cities of the future the smartphone will be the key connection tool between cities, people and technology. The use of intelligent devices will be bigger and bigger and, with that, the need to charge mobiles in bars, restaurants, malls or the city’s public places. Due to this, Yupcharge has the objective of being present in the cities of the future with charging solutions adapted to each moment and place.
Also, our head office is in Barcelona, a city considered to be the world’s mobile capital that also, has become one of the most modernist Smart Cities of the moment.