Totem Twist Keypad Yupcharge


Charging Lockers

Twist offers 12 safe charging lockers 100% compatible with all smartphones and iPhones in the market. It incorporates exclusive 3n1 strong-kevlar cables in each box.

Twist is a box office that stands out for its original design, its high durability materials and its methacrylate doors with electronic anti-theft keypad lock, with personal code.

Integrates in its load plates the exclusive #AcT (Agile Charging Technology) technology that provides the largest amount of charge possible in the shortest time. It offers more charging speed protecting the battery of the device.



1 Charge to 12 phones simultaneously.

2 Easy maintenance and installation "Plug & Charge".

3 Exclusive AcT technology that offers more charging speed protecting the battery of the device.

4 Robust and compact manufacturing material.

5 Methacrylate doors with self-closing system.

6 Electronic lock Keypad in all lockers.

7 Customizable exterior appearance.

8 Minimalist design that occupies little space and has great load capacity.

9 Great value for the price.

Secure Charge

2 Years

Act Fast charge

High performance



  • Reference


  • Dimensions

    1874 height x 450 width x 530 depth (mm)

  • Power


  • Charging Systems

    • x12 3n1 Strong Kevlar wire
  • Input

    AC 100 – 240V / 50-60Hz 1,68A

  • USB Output

    • USB Outputs: DC 5V – 2,4A fast charge
  • Net weight


  • Material

    Steel ISO 10204, Interpon 610

  • Color

    White (RAL 9010)

  • Lockers

    x12 Dimensions: 250 x 80 x 220 mm

  • Certificates


  • Accessories

    Doors: Methalics., Possibility of external customization., Other colors - consult.

  • Advertising support

    • Total Skinning: 450 x 1872 x 230 mm
    • Frontal Skinning : 107 x 1195 x mm
    • For complete customization consult dimensions.



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