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It is increasingly latent the need for physical stores to differentiate themselves from the competition and be at the height of e-commerce.

At this moment comes the imperative digital transformation of businesses, whether large or small, retail chains or large distribution, supermarkets or shopping malls, all must bet on the store of the future: the Smart Boutiques.

The most innovative and current strategy to achieve excellence and differentiation of your service, is to offer your customers “differentiated experiences” that transform the simple act of purchase into “something different, attractive and unusual”.


Benefits and Advantages

  • Position your business in the digital era, offering a 2.0 image, current and modern.
  • You will offer “commodity and hospitality” services to your clients.
  • We have charging stations suitable for any space and business.
  • You will offer your customers a simple charging service, fast and with all the security guarantees.
  • You will increase pedestrian traffic and activity in your center.
  • You will boost sales: customers will spend more time in your store buying.
  • Direct advertising to a captive audience.
  • By offering a free service, you will increase the loyalty rate of your customers.
  • Positive brand positioning in the mind of the customer.
Characteristics of our devices
  • Resistant, safe and attractive design.
  • Compatible with 100% of smartphones in the market.
  • Fixed or portable charging solutions.
  • Charging plates with integrated Quick Charge technology.
  • Exclusive technology AcT (Agile Charging Technology), protects the battery of your mobile.
  • Installation system “Plug & Play” (connect and ready), and easy maintenance.
  • Ideal advertising support for establishments and brands.
  • They may include some features such as Wi-Fi, IoT or Big Data.
  • Exclusive Strong Kevlar fast charge cables that transmit maximum energy.
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    Success stories

    Our charging solutions focus on delivering a unique safe charging experience through mobile chargers designed for the Retail Sector.

    Thanks to new technologies, their influence on consumer habits and the high competition that occurs in all sales channels, the Retail Sector is forced to innovate and develop new loyalty strategies to ensure customer satisfaction. With the aim of increasing customer satisfaction during their visit to the store, generating a pleasant purchase process and focused on consumer needs will help to increase the frequency of visit as the purchase.

    Nowadays it is more and more frequent to see investments of this type at a public level, and the same thing happens at a store level. It is now possible to install charging points in the establishments of the Shopping Malls offering our customers to enjoy their purchase to the fullest, without fear of running out of battery, easily and completely free.

    The purpose of these charging points is to help businesses included in the Retail Sector to be a versatile store, modern and focused on caring for their customers, all thanks to this type of chargers for mobile devices where they can charge for free any type of device, via USB or wireless charging technology with our wireless charger.

    Any visit to our store is a sale opportunity, while in a retail space that takes care of this shopping experience to the maximum that sale opportunity increases substantially.

    Thanks to the mobile charging equipment solutions designed for the Retail Sector of Yupcharge, visitors to our commercial premises will not depend on always having their extra batteries charged (power banks) when they are shopping inside a Shopping Mall. They can use the USB charger that we install in our store at any time, while they continue shopping with peace of mind.

    Today, we cannot live without our mobile phones and we carry them with us every day at all hours. But, what happens when our battery runs out of charge while we are shopping and we do not have a nearby charger to recharge our mobile device?

    The most common solution is to look for a plug in which we can charge our mobile, something not so easy to find, so we always end up looking for some establishment or shopping malls where it is usually easier to find a plug to which we stay hooked enough to charge our mobile. But normally these plugs are not usually accessible or force us to leave the mobile charging on the floor, something that is also not to the liking of the directive of the Mall.

    As a solution, in Yupcharge we offer our charging solutions for the use by third parties in retail establishments, so that customers of our stores can use for free to charge their devices thanks to our charging stations for Shopping malls.

    Offering these types of free services to all customers is an investment we recommend supermarkets to make as it helps increase sales and brand awareness. Yupcharge’s future supermarket mobile chargers seek to offer a solution to this problem and improve the experience of their customers.

    With mobile chargers, supermarkets or large chains can also include advertising in the charging stations, making mobile chargers for stores is a very profitable investment as they can amortize this expenditure through advertising revenue within the mall and help improve their business model.

    Shopping Mall customers will no longer need to charge with an external battery all day long, and when they need to, they can benefit from both the user using these mobile chargers and the retail sector adapting to the latest consumer trends. Also, business owners and their staff can benefit greatly from the benefits of easy installation and maintenance of these charging stations and the potential it offers to its users.

    But the retail sector has different types of establishments with different needs, which ends up requiring several types of charging equipment solutions for mobile devices. Depending on the location, the dimensions of the space and the frequency of users passing through the store. But, what type of mobile charger is best suited for each Retail space?

    Hip Hop. It is a charging totem designed to be placed in large spaces such as shopping malls. This product has 6 charging outlets for mobile phones with cables adapted for all mobile phones on the market, e.i. micro USB outlets, lightning and Type-C.

    If we have to highlight an attribute of this product, it is its 4 static advertising supports, which translates into a perfect place to introduce content, either useful information for the consumer or advertising posters.

    On the other hand, despite its great presence, this Hip Hop charging totem has a very light weight so it can be easily transported and will give you the ability to place it in the part of the mall that interests you most depending on the time.

    Disco. Within our range of Smart Furniture, you will find our IP44 furniture called Disco. The result of the perfect fusion between minimalism, practicality and the latest charging technologies.

    This is an intelligent piece of furniture that has the quick charge system incorporating Quick Charge 3.0 and AcT (Agile Charging Technology). In addition to 2 high power USB outputs of up to 40 W, this charger for gyms called Disco has 1 Qi wireless charger for the new models Android and iPhone 8, iPhone Plus, and iPhone X.

    Groove. This charging totem called Groove, consists of up to 8 fast-charging USB outputs located 4 on each side and up to 2 plugs, one on each side.

    To use this charging station for shopping malls the user will only have to insert its cable in one of the 8 fast charging USB outputs or its charger in one of the 2 available plugs.

    This is a product designed with materials of long durability, high resistance to use and attractive finish, or what is the same, the perfect mobile charging solution for shopping malls.

    Twist DS. This is a charging locker that integrates the electronic locks, through kerpad, safer than the currently existing in the market. The doors of this Twist DS are made of methacrylate, so the customer can easily identify his device.

    Each locker has a 3n1 strong-kevlar charging cable inside, 100% compatible with all smartphones on the market and data anti-hacking.

    If we have to highlight one of the most interesting features of this charging box is its digital screen, which allows us to easily insert advertising content or information of interest to the mall. Depending on the model chosen for your mall, you can choose between a screen of 22″, 50″, 22″ LCD or 50″ LCD.

    And if what you need to know is all the advantages and possibilities offered by our mobile chargers for your shopping mall, we invite you to read our article on chargers for shopping malls.