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Yupcharge is the only manufacturer of charging stations to complement all kinds of events: conferences, festivals, concerts, sporting events, fairs and congresses and brand events.

Our chargers are designed with robust materials and integrate in our plates our advanced AcT technology, which offers a safe and optimal public charge, suitable for each user and device. They are tough charging stations with an attractive design, and we have a variety of models to adapt to the needs and moments of each client.

Our charger plates are designed to offer maximum efficiency.
They have integrated Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 technology, offering maximum charge efficiently without damaging the properties of the batteries.
In addition all our station chargers are an ideal advertising support for brands, becoming the global leaders of digital advertising and the emerging industry of public smartphone chargers.


Benefits and Advantages

  • Give your event a more technological and digital image.
  • Modernize your facilities.
  • Offers an optimal service to your customers, visitors and staff.
  • Useful and practical chargers for the internal staff of the event (no assistance required).
  • Autonomy for the user. “Connect & Charge”.
  • It incorporates devices of load of intuitive use, easy for the user.
  • They are a support for digital proximity advertising:
    • Digital Advertising & Infotainment.
    • DOOH (Digital Out Of Home).
    • Point of Sale (PoS: Point of Sale).
    • With SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • It offers new advertising spaces in your event and a new communication channel “Infotainment”: information, entertainment, education and services for users.
  • Make the investment profitable by looking for a sponsoring brand (advertiser).
Specifications of our devices
  • Resistant charging stations, safe and attractive design.
  • Compatible with 100% of smartphones in the market.
  • Fixed or portable charging solutions.
  • Charging plates with integrated Quick Charge technology.
  • Exclusive technology AcT (Agile Charging Technology) that provides faster charging battery protecting the device.
  • Installation system “Plug & Charge” (connect and ready), and easy maintenance.
  • Ideal advertising support for establishments and brands.
  • They may include some features such as Wi-Fi, IoT or Big Data.
  • Exclusive Strong-Kevlar fast charge cables that transmit maximum energy and anti-hacking.
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Business Case

New Communication Channel for your Events

Yupcharge is itself a new communication channel at the point of sale, that attracts the captive consumer, thanks to the unique service battery charger for mobile devices. Yupcharge as an advertising support for your Events. New outdoor advertising support that communicates in a new and effective way at the point of sale

Static advertising or sponsorship

  • Ample space to customize with a brand image
  • Direct contact with the user – consumer
  • Support that guarantees high frequency of impacts and contacts
  • “Non-conventional” advertising medium that causes a great media impact

Dynamic Advertising

  • Support with touch screens up to 50″ with audio possibility
  • Reinforcement of static and graphic advertising
  • Large vinyl surface for sponsorship of the service
  • Flexible management of digital campaigns in real time
  • Corporate channel, with information and entertainment
  • Attracts the visitor’s attention, thanks to its dynamism and its charge service

Captive audience during the use of the service, allowing the advertiser to establish a direct communication at the point of sale (PoS)

  • Yupcharge is more than a cargo service, it is an innovative digital advertising support
    Communication through TV screens; creating a digital communication channel
  • Unique support with “captive audience”: the user is waiting in positive attitude while charging his battery
  • Located in the place of sale (PLV or PoS): new strategically located advertising space
  • Direct contact with the viewer and incorporation of IoT solutions in the equipment

Do you want to offer the safest and most innovative charge service in your events?

Do you want to optimize the investment with the sponsorship of your advertising space?

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