The renewal and evolution of many supermarket chains, and retail in general, has been based for years on the improvement of their products. Let’s say that the challenge of innovating was focused only on improving the product portfolio. If the range were innovative, the brand was also innovative. But, the current concept of innovation and evolution has changed. Innovation must be developed by the brand itself through creativity, incorporating value-added services that make the purchase a different and unique experience for the buyer.

We no longer only have to adjust to the markets; the current challenge is to generate experiences incorporating additional services that generate feelings such as joy, amazement, emotion… Objective: To get the buyer to spend more time in our establishment. Loyalty and attraction, will always be the great challenges, the methodology is what changes.

Incorporate into your space a professional Yupcharge charging station for mobiles and other devices: in addition to incorporating an innovative element to your brand, you will differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a service to your customers.


Benefits and Advantages

  • It offers a modern and current 2.0 image.
  • Provide your facilities with “commodity and hospitality” services.
  • It offers your clients a simple, fast charging service with all the security guarantees.
  • We have charging stations suitable for any space.
  • Increase traffic and activity in your establishment.
  • Boost sales, customers will spend more time in your establishment, buying.
  • Increase the loyalty of your customers.
  • Useful and practical for the internal staff.
  • Direct advertising to a captive public.
  • Enhances the positive positioning of the brand in the mind of the consumer.
Characteristics of our Charging Stations
  • Sturdy, safe and attractively designed charging stations.
  • Compatible with 100% of the smartphones on the market.
  • Fixed or portable charging solutions.
  • Charging boards with integrated Quick Charge technology.
  • Exclusive AcT (Agile Charging Technology), protects your mobile battery.
  • Plug & Play” installation system (plug and play), and easy maintenance.
  • Ideal advertising support for establishments and brands.
  • Can include some features such as Wi-Fi, IoT or Big Data.
  • Exclusive Strong-Kevlar fast charge cables that transmit maximum energy.
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    Success stories

    Public mobile chargers for the Supermarkets and Auto markets sector.

    Today, we cannot live without our mobile phones and we carry them with us every day at all hours. But, what happens when our battery runs out while we are in the supermarket and we do not have a nearby charger to recharge our mobile device?.

    The most common solution when we are in a supermarket or auto market is to look for a plug in which we can charge our mobile, something not so easy to find. Because of this, we end up always looking for a mall that is near the supermarket where it is usually easier to find a plug to which we stay hooked enough to charge our mobile.

    Normally these plugs are not usually accessible in supermarkets or self-services, forcing us to leave the mobile charging on the floor, something that is also not accepted by anyone or the directive of the establishment.

    Mobile charging stations for distributors and supermarkets: How do they work?

    As a solution in Yupcharge, we offer our charging solutions for the use of third parties in establishments such as supermarkets and auto markets.

    Our supermarket charging stations can be used for free by our Market customers to charge their mobile devices thanks to their USB port and USB micro connections.

    Offering this type of free services to all customers is an investment that we recommend to supermarkets because it:

    • Helps increase sales as they spend more time in our supermarket or auto market business
    • Improves the brand perception of your business through experiential marketing strategies in supermarkets.

    Yupcharge‘s mobile chargers for Supermarkets seek to offer a solution to this problem and improve the experience of their customers within the establishment or supermarket.

    Emotional Marketing: Experiential Marketing Strategies in Large Surfaces

    With Yupcharge mobile chargers, supermarkets or advertisers such as Coca Cola could also include advertising on the charging stations.

    In this way, the mobile chargers for supermarkets end up being a very profitable investment as it can be quickly amortized through advertising revenue within the super or hyper, helping to improve their business model.

    Customers of large supermarket chains such as: Carrefour, Lidl, El Corte Inglés, Alcampo, Aldi, Grupo Bon Preu, among others, can benefit from this installation and they no longer would need to charge with an external battery all day and can recharge their mobile thanks to the USB chargers of Yupcharge.

    When required, both the supermarket customer and the customer can take advantage while making their purchase in the hyper to make use of these chargers for mobile. The retail sector itself is also benefited by adapting to the most current consumer trends.

    Supermarket owners and their staff will be able to benefit greatly from the benefits offered by these easy to install and maintain charging stations that will help improve market share per m2.

    The Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and Large Supermarkets Sector has different types of establishments with different needs. These needs demand several types of solutions in charging equipment for mobile devices.

    Depending on the location, the dimensions of the space and the frequency users through the store.

    What type of mobile charger is best suited for each space?

    Yupcharge recommends the following types of supermarket and self-service chargers:

    • Pop Pock. It is the perfect fast charging locker for spaces with many people because its doors have a security lock with a traditional key or electronic keypad. Each of its lockers has charge cables compatible with all mobiles and tablets. In addition, it offers the possibility to choose the material of your doors since it is available with transparent or opaque methacrylate doors.
    • Chargecart. This innovative charger is the perfect mobile charging solution for supermarkets and self-services as it is integrated into shopping carts. It has charging cables compatible with all smartphones, an autonomy of 24 hours of charging, a light that shows the state of the battery and an anti-theft system designed to emit a beep when the device is plugged or unplugged.
    • Pop Mini. This is a mobile charging box that offers 6 safe charging boxes for smartphones and other devices, which charging cables built into each box are compatible with all phones on the market. It is a perfect charging station for supermarkets and self-services as it has a security lock using a traditional key or electronic keypad, so the user can leave charging his or her device while shopping. The doors of the lockers can be opaque or made of transparent methacrylate and, it is all made with materials of long durability, which makes it a long-term investment.
    • Pop Mini Lite. Within our charging lockers section you will find this mobile charging station which offers 6 lockers with 3 in 1 Strong-Kevlar anti-hacking data cables incorporated and adapted for all smartphones. It has Keypad locks and is made of durable materials very resistant to daily use, which means the perfect charger for supermarkets and self-services.