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The biggest challenge for both sectors today is to achieve digital transformation, and to interact with their target audience and the new generations that are already part of the consumer circuit. At Yupcharge we are leading manufacturers of professional charging stations and have been working for these sectors for more than 10 years.

Yupcharge is more than just a charger; it also has IoT equipment adapted to the needs of the hotel and catering sector. Our manufacturer’s expertise allows us to integrate our product in ad-hoc projects, such as our Smart Furniture range.

YupCharge, aware of the needs of the sector, is the official supplier of the Barcelona and Madrid Catering Guilds.


Benefits and Advantages

  • Value-added service: customers appreciate being able to recharge their mobile phones for free while having a coffee.
  • Make your customers loyal and attract new customers.
  • Lead the digital transformation in your sector and differentiate the competition through innovation.
  • Give your business a modern and current image.
  • New advertising channel OOH!: Yupcharge is also a communication tool with great impact. Advertise a brand in your establishment with a captive and satisfied customer.
  • Position your establishment or brand in the mind of the consumer in a subtle and positive way.
  • Increase turnover and the average ticket: more time in your establishment equals more consumption.
  • Advertise your establishment / business in the Yup App for free through a geo locator and generate traffic to it.
  • Integrate IoT equipment in your space: it will allow you to know the number of uses and the time of use of the charger (ask for the new Blues XL!!).
Characteristics of our Charging Stations
  • Sturdy, safe and attractively designed charging stations.
  • Compatible with 100% of the smartphones on the market.
  • Fixed or portable charging solutions.
  • Charging boards with integrated Quick Charge technology.
  • Exclusive AcT (Agile Charging Technology), protects your mobile battery.
  • Plug & Play” installation system (plug and play), and easy maintenance.
  • Ideal advertising support for establishments and brands.
  • Can include some features such as Wi-Fi, IoT or Big Data.
  • Exclusive Strong-Kevlar fast charge cables that transmit maximum energy.
More Information

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    Public Mobile Chargers for a Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

    Our charging solutions focus on providing a unique safe charging experience through mobile chargers designed for the Catering and Hospitality sectors.

    Thanks to new technologies, their influence on consumer habits and the high competition in all sales channels, the Catering Sector is also forced to innovate and develop new loyalty strategies that ensure total customer satisfaction during their visit to our restaurant, bar, cafeteria, bistro or terrace. With the aim of increasing the satisfaction of diners during their visit to our establishment, offering a fast service, clean and tailored to customer expectations is a guarantee of success for our restaurant.

    But, what do customers demand in catering?

    They mainly seek to live a gastronomic experience that is different and unforgettable, and can recommend, in the case of restaurants, especially Michelin-starred restaurants.

    In the case of bars and terraces, the customers of these establishments look for unique spaces where they can share with their friends or loved ones while they get rid of the stress accumulated during the week.

    What additional elements help restaurants, bars and terraces to differentiate themselves?

    In the era of the boom in new technologies, customers are not satisfied with just analyzing the food or drinks of the establishment they visit. Today more factors are analyzed than in the past and take advantage of new ways of communicating to make recommendations to their relatives.

    But in a time of special dependence on mobile devices, installing public mobile phone chargers for bars in our establishment will increase the likelihood that it will be recommended by this additional free service.

    Thanks to Yupcharge and its mobile chargers for restaurants now entrepreneurs can offer their customers the possibility to charge their electronic devices while enjoying a pleasant and delicious meal in our restaurant, without fear of running out of battery, easily and completely free.

    The purpose of these charging points is to help businesses included in the catering sector to be a versatile, modern and focused on caring for their guests, all thanks to this type of chargers for mobile devices where they can charge for free any type of device, via USB or wireless charging technology and our wireless charger.

    Thanks to the mobile charging equipment solutions designed for this sector, visitors to our commercial premises will not depend on always having their extra batteries charged (power banks) when they are shopping inside a Shopping Mall. They can use the USB charger that we install in our establishment whenever they need it, while he can enjoy a tasting menu, a coffee or a drink with his friends.

    Today, we cannot live without our mobile phones and we carry them with us every day at all hours. But what happens when our battery runs out while we’re in a restaurant and we don’t have a nearby charger to recharge our mobile device?

    The most common solution is to look for a plug in which we can charge our mobile and ask the manager of the restaurant if it has an additional charger that you can borrow. Normally it is possible to leave charging the mobile, but it is not so easy to find a charger for mobile that fits what our device needs apart from the risk of leaving your mobile charging on the other side of the bar of a bar.

    As a solution in Yupcharge we offer our charging solutions or charging stations to use by third parties in establishments focused on catering, so that customers of our bar, terrace, or restaurant, can use for free to charge their devices thanks to the Yupcharge charging service. No need to bother anyone and during the time you are consuming on the premises.

    Offering this type of free services to all customers is an investment we recommend to restaurants or other establishments in the sector, as it helps to increase sales and brand awareness. Yupcharge’s public mobile phone chargers for terraces seek to offer a solution to this problem and improve the experience of their customers while visiting our premises.

    With the different models of public mobile chargers for hotels, bars and restaurants can also include advertising in the charging stations thanks to its advertising support, making the mobile chargers for hoteliers is a very profitable investment as they can amortize this expenditure through advertising revenue and help improve their business model.

    The users of these premises will no longer need to charge with an external battery all day long, and when they do they can benefit both the user by using these chargers for mobile, the hotel sector by adapting to current consumer trends and business owners who can benefit greatly from these charging stations.

    An example of the potential offered by Yupcharge developments is in the case of a large terrace which has many visits from customers, in this case the hotelier could opt for our cargo lockers and thus ensure this service to a large number of customers.

    But the hoteliers have different types of establishments with different needs, which end up requiring several types of charging equipment solutions for mobile devices in which our customers can charge their devices in the USB ports they have. Depending on the location, the dimensions of the space and the frequency of users through the bar or restaurant.

    But, what type of mobile charger is best suited to each space?

    • Tango. It is a mobile desktop charger perfect for restaurants that has 4 fast charge USB outlets and a support with lighting (backlight) in which you can add all the information of interest to your business. This is the perfect charger to put on bars, tables or shelves because it offers charging without the need of being connected to an electrical power supply as it has a charging autonomy of 24 hours. It is a simple charging system that offers consumers the opportunity to recharge their mobile device without having to leave the establishment. Thus, when the customer wants to recharge his smartphone, all he has to do is switch on the Tango mobile phone charger and connect his device through a cable. In addition, Tango offers the user the possibility of seeing the state of charge at any time thanks to its screen, which shows the state of charge in real time.
    • Tango DS 7″. This is a perfect desktop charger to place on bars, tables or shelves, with autonomous battery 24 hours and 3 USB outputs. This is a model with the same features as the Tango but incorporates a 7″ digital screen, in which all types of digital content can be reproduced in situ through a USB.
    • Tango Lite. Tango Lite is a desktop charger with 4 fast-charging USB outputs ideal for bars, restaurants, cafeterias, entertainment areas and other catering establishments. One of the advantages of having this mobile charger in your establishment is that it offers the customer the possibility of recharging their mobile without the need of being connected to a power source, thus making charging much more convenient. Apart from being an advertising support at the point of sale (PLV) for the establishment itself, it will increase the average consumer’s ticket as they will stay longer in the establishment, because they will not have to leave it to recharge their mobile. At the moment of recharging, the customer will only have to turn on the Tango Lite desktop charger and connect his device by means of a cable. Likewise, the user will be able to control the state of his recharge thanks to the LEDs that indicate the state of it. In addition, when the Tango Lite’s battery is about to run out, it emits an acoustic beep as a warning signal so that your customers will never be left without being able to charge their devices.
    • Funk. It is a desktop charger specially designed to offer mobile charging in small catering establishments and ideal to be placed on tables, bars or shelves. With a sleek design, made of long-lasting steel and the need to be connected to a power supply, this charger offers 4 charging outputs with built-in cables compatible with all smartphones on the market. In addition to offering mobile charging, it will allow you to advertise as it incorporates a steel support in which you can insert sales or corporate information through vinyl.