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Throughout our lives, citizens of the world spend more than half of our time moving from one place to another, whether for leisure, work or need.

During these journeys, whether long or short, we have the imperative need to be connected to our mobile devices, either for pleasure (reading, informing, interacting…), or for work (skype, meetings, emails, platforms…). Nowadays, public and private transport infrastructures are more comfortable and practical.

The installation of charging stations in this type of service enhances the customer experience, and gives the city greater international prestige in terms of service infrastructure (“Commodity”). In addition, the installation of Yupcharge charging stations is easy and convenient, do not require specialized maintenance and adapt to different spaces and designs thanks to the wide range of products.


Benefits and Advantages

  • Allows passengers to be connected during the journey or travel by charging their mobile at the airport or stations.
  • Allows passengers to be connected to their work and environment at any time.
  • They make the experience of the trip more enjoyable and time passes faster to be able to charge the mobile on the subway.
  • Modernize your infrastructures and give them greater prestige.
  • Give your city prestige for tourism.
  • They offer entertainment to passengers during long-distance journeys.
  • Parents rest while their children play online.
  • The waiting time for airport flights becomes more enjoyable.
  • Modernizes facilities for VIP customers
  • He keeps the passengers calm if there’s a setback.
  • Different types of stations adapted to each need and space.
Characteristics of our devices
  • Resistant, safe and attractive design.
  • Compatible with 100% of smartphones in the market.
  • Fixed or portable charging solutions.
  • Charging plates with integrated Quick Charge technology.
  • Exclusive technology AcT (Agile Charging Technology), protects the battery of your mobile.
  • Installation system “Plug & Play” (connect and ready), and easy maintenance.
  • Ideal advertising support for establishments and brands.
  • They may include some features such as Wi-Fi, IoT or Big Data.
  • Exclusive Strong Kevlar fast charge cables that transmit maximum energy.
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    Success stories

    Public Charging Stations for Transports

    Our charging solutions focus on offering a safe and unique charging experience through the use of mobile chargers designed for the Transport Sector: bus stations, airports, metro stations, taxi ranks, maritime stations, train stations, platforms…

    The implementation of mobile chargers for Yupcharge train stations can be an additional service to offer your customers within the spaces focused on the arrival and departure of passengers. It is ideal to install this recharging point in those spaces where passengers may need to charge the telephone terminal or tablet in the train or subway station.

    In order to increase the satisfaction of passengers of different public transport, for example, including this type of mobile chargers for bus stations is a benefit that will not go unnoticed by passengers and will be a highly recommended investment for the transport sector.

    Including in the metro network a service or recharging area equipped with mobile phone chargers for the metro will be a complementary service that users of the metro or metropolitan railway lines will be grateful for. Given that, with their USB chargers, compatible with any type of mobile phone terminal, passengers who need to charge their mobile free can do so at train stops or stations where it is installed. An example of this type of station can be found in the Madrid and Barcelona metro (Success case).

    This investment for the improvement of the services available in the metro as is adding this type of charging devices, very easy to use thanks to its public USB port. Our clients will be able to spend more time away from home; they will also be able to travel for longer on public transport without being afraid of running out of battery when they travel in metropolitan areas, or in municipalities that have these facilities.

    Therefore, including this type of equipment in our stations as an additional free service in the metropolitan commuter network will make travelling in public service more comfortable, your transport fleet will be better valued and your stations more attractive to passengers as they are more modern and aligned with the current challenges: sustainability, energy efficiency and digitalization.

    Charging your mobile phone on the metro or charging your mobile phone at the airport in an easy way is already a reality.

    In order for passengers to benefit from this innovative mobile cargo service in their railway or airport facilities, all they have to do is contact us to clarify all the possible doubts they may have about our chargers and add their station, airport or transport company to the Yupcharge! Revolution.

    No more typical travelers’ fear of “running out of battery while waiting for the train, plane or bus”.

    Now, thanks to Yupcharge technology, when a traveler does not carry his own charger to charge his mobile device and is inside a station or at a transport stop equipped with charging stations or mobile chargers for bus stops, he will know that this service is available where, safely and free of charge, he will be able to charge his mobile with complete peace of mind.

    The investor who chooses this type of station will be able to recoup the investment in less time if he chooses our mobile chargers with advertising supports, ideal for airports and large train stations.

    What do travelers demand in 2018?

    According to the “Innovation Plan of the Ministry of Development” for the period, 2017-20 is going to bet on the following avenues of development, digitization, energy efficiency and sustainability in transport through 70 initiatives, we mention some of them:

    User experience:

    • Mobility as a service, travel without barriers and user profile: Development and implementation of advanced payment systems for ticketless validation, non-stop security controls, universal accessibility to transport, Big Data to improve the user experience, among other measures…

    Intelligent platforms:

    • Intelligent stations, intelligent airports, intelligent sea and river ports, user platform… (SMART ATMs, intelligent station platforms…)

    Intelligent routes:

    • Digitalization of road and railway, modelling and prediction of transport routes, intelligent territories for the rural environment and dynamic public transport routes among others.

    Sustainability and Energy Efficiency:

    • Use of renewable energies by promoting the use of energy generation, storage and distribution systems, the bicycle as the axis of urban mobility, among other measures…

    What are the benefits for transport systems of including charging stations for their passengers?

    • At a time when there is a special dependence on the use of mobile devices, installing public mobile chargers for common areas in airports, train stations and bus stations or stops can be an added advantage for passengers to choose this type of transport.
    • As it is not possible today to charge the mobile phone on the train, passengers are obliged to always have their external batteries charged (power banks); otherwise, they will run out of battery before or during the journey. But this can be avoided if you are offered a completely safe and free charging service.

    Today, we cannot live without our mobile phones and we carry them with us every day at all times. But what happens when our battery runs out of charge while we’re on the road? And what if we don’t have a nearby charger to recharge our mobile device?

    The most common solution is to look for a socket where we can charge our mobile and ask a fellow traveler or, if there is none, a stranger, if you have a charger that you can borrow for a while to charge your mobile. Good luck!

    Yupcharge offers our charging solutions or charging stations designed for the use of third parties while they wait at any transport station or at the airport terminal before starting their journey.

    Offering this type of free service is an investment we recommend as it helps improve the traveler’s experience and satisfaction with the method of transportation they choose.

    It improves brand awareness, as transport infrastructures should have the latest technology and this service is necessary today, as all types of transport will add to this challenge and incorporate the latest technology into their stations and transport terminals.

    In addition, it improves the traveler’s experience while waiting at the airport by providing a service that will be greatly appreciated, as they will not have to waste time when they need to carry out one of these charges, nor will they have to keep an eye on their mobile while recharging it. In addition, it can be used as an advertising medium, reducing your installation costs and making it easier to recover the investment sooner.

    Based on the location, the dimensions of the station, terminal or waiting area of the airport, as well as its common spaces, frequency of passage and number of passengers, you can choose a different type of charger, for a charging station, for a charging totem, desktop chargers, or for a cargo locker for large spaces such as central stations or international airports.

    Yupcharge adapts to your needs and those of your travelers!

    But what type of mobile charger is best suited to each space?

    Yupcharge recommends the following types of mobile charger for transport:

    • Hip Hop DS. This charging totem is characterized by its modular sheet metal structure and the integrated 19″ LCD digital screen on which digital content can be projected via Digital Signage or USB software. It offers charging service for up to seven mobiles simultaneously via strong-kevlar cables. In addition, its tray includes Wireless Qi charging technology to provide charging service to new generation mobiles.
    • Groove. With eight USB outputs (4 on each side) for fast charging and up to two plugs (1 on each side), this charging totem called Groove is the perfect charger for mobiles, tablets and computers. With its small size and high charging capacity, this recharging equipment is perfect for placing in passageways and busy spaces. In addition, it is designed with resistant materials and offers a very careful finish. To use it, the user must insert the charging cable into one of the eight USB ports or connect the charger to one of the two available sockets.
    • Twist. With 12 secure charging lockers, this transport charger is 100% compatible with all smartphones on the market. Thanks to its exclusive charging cables 3n1 strong-kevlar installed inside each locker our locker guarantees a safe charge thanks to the AcT Technology that protects the battery of the device from overcharging and overheating.

    Business Case:

    • Some of our success stories can be found in places such as the subways in Madrid or Barcelona, Transmediterránea company, and in many airports.
    • On the other hand, in Transmediterránea, the first Spanish shipping company with more than 100 years behind it, we installed our Twist (charging lockers).
    • In addition to these two installations, we have also made others such as the Groove chargers in different airports.