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In recent years, theme parks have become the new emerging sector for family tourism. The proliferation and specialization of this type of park means a great cultural and economic impact for the leisure sector but also for tourism.

The objective of growth is to offer amazing and incredible experiences to an increasingly demanding public with more and more exciting leisure offers to choose from. Differentiating requires a balance between investing in new technologies and offering more and more interactive experiences, to increase income throughout the client’s stay, and during all months of the year: making them feel different, pampering them, keeping navigation applications active, offering new services to compensate for price increases and creating new income opportunities for promoters and sponsors, offering them new advertising spaces with a captive and satisfied client.

Yupcharge meets all expectations when the user is without a battery in their phone. Charging service is considered a necessity for customers who want to be continuously connected to their environment, and an opportunity for the business to interact with them.

The use of the telephone in this sector and the moment of enjoyment of the user is basic: photograph the event or attraction as a souvenir, post on social networks tweets and videos, consult the facilities and their route with the GPS, contact with friends and family, with the guide of the place, etc… Your client is your greatest prescriber.


Beneficios y Ventajas

  • Allows customers to be continuously connected to the outside.
  • Having your mobile phone charged allows your customers to take pictures of the moment and publish them on Social Networks, record videos on the attractions and share them, explain the experiences on site to friends and family … in short: sharing the experience without battery is not possible.
  • Loyalty: Improves customer loyalty and overall experience.
  • Boost billing: the better the experience, the more time and the greater the consumption.
  • Offers advertising space for brands to interact directly with the captive customer in their place of leisure.
  • Allows mobile connections between users, places and brands.
  • Measurable ROI in situ.
  • In exchange for a free service that benefits the user, the image of the promoting brand improves in the mind of the consumer.
Characteristics of our devices
  • Resistant, safe and attractive design.
  • Compatible with 100% of smartphones in the market.
  • Fixed or portable charging solutions.
  • Charging plates with integrated Quick Charge technology.
  • Exclusive technology AcT (Agile Charging Technology), protects the battery of your mobile.
  • Installation system “Plug & Play” (connect and ready), and easy maintenance.
  • Ideal advertising support for establishments and brands.
  • They may include some features such as Wi-Fi, IoT or Big Data.
  • Exclusive Strong Kevlar fast charge cables that transmit maximum energy.
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    Success stories

    Public Charging Stations for the Theme Parks

    Our charging solutions focus on providing a safe and unique charging experience through the use of mobile chargers designed for the Leisure Sector: gathered parks, water parks and amusement parks.

    The implementation of Yupcharge’s leisure park chargers can be an additional service to be offered to your visitors within the leisure-focused spaces, such as the Madrid amusement park or the Warner Park, the Disney Park, Port Aventura in Tarragona or for Valencia’s Gulliver Park. It is ideal to install this recharging point in those spaces where the customer will spend several hours inside the amusement park, or in strategic points to force them to go and consume, such as vending machines, near restaurant area etc.

    In order to increase customer satisfaction in an amusement park, offering this type of public mobile phone charger for water parks is an added value that will not go unnoticed among our visitors and is a highly recommended investment for businesses related to the leisure sector.

    Including mobile charging stations in our park will encourage our customers to spend more time in our facilities. While they charge for free their mobile phones can enjoy their favorite facilities such as roller coasters in an amusement park or the wave pool in a water park. Thanks to the theme park chargers or the mobile park charger from Yupcharge, our customers will be able to charge their mobile phones for free while having fun in the facilities, while enjoying their favorite attractions due to the lack of battery in the mobile:

    The lack of battery will no longer be an excuse for our customers to be photographed with the Looney Tunes in the Parque Warner Madrid, or enjoy a stroll through the city of Valencia’s arts without unnecessary worries such as charging the mobile well before leaving home.

    This type of public mobile phone charger is ideal for park operators as it is a free service that our visitors will appreciate and is also easy to install, ideal for locating in the cloakroom area, common rest areas or in changing rooms in the case of water parks.

    In order for your customers to benefit from this innovative mobile charging service, all they have to do is contact us to clarify all the possible doubts they may have about our chargers for leisure parks and add their amusement park to the Yupcharge revolution.

    For example, customers who come to Disneyland Park or Warner Bros Park will normally spend the entire day inside the facilities to make the most of their visit. Now, thanks to Yupcharge, we no longer have the typical fear of “running out of battery while having fun with our children at our favorite amusement park”.

    Now, thanks to Yupcharge technology, when a customer does not carry his own charger to charge his mobile device and is inside an amusement park, water park or a park with leisure facilities such as the Turia garden, he will know that this service is available where, safely and free of charge, he will be able to charge his mobile with complete peace of mind while looking to have fun in a leisure space.

    Apart from the benefits offered by these charging devices in an amusement park or leisure park to its customers, the investor who chooses this type of station will be able to recover the investment made in less time thanks to the use of our mobile chargers as advertising supports, ideal for parks gathered large and also for small.

    What do amusement park and leisure customer’s demand? Trends towards the 2025 horizon

    According to the report, “TAE/AECOM Theme Index and Museum Index 2017” study carried out by the company AECOM stands out among other conclusions:

    • The number of visits received by the 25 most frequented theme parks in the world was 243.9 million visits, an increase of 4.7%.
    • The most visited amusement parks in the world were: 20.4 million visitors obtained Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Florida, while Disneyland in the state of California obtained 18.3 million visits and 16.6 million visits in Tokyo Disneyland. With year-on-year growth of +0.3%, +2% and +0.4% respectively.
    • The theme parks have become a driving force in the tourism sector.
    • The growth in the number of visits is recovered by the impulse of Disney, China and the “indoor” leisure centers supported by brands.
    • In the top 10 of leisure multinationals in amusement parks: Walt Disney Attractions 150 million visits, followed by Merlin Entertainments groups with 66 million visits and Universal Parks & Resorts with 49.45 million visits. Within the top 10, we find a Spanish firm, Parques Reunidos, which obtained 20.60 million visits in 2016.
    • In Spain, Parques Reunidos received a record 141 million euros, the most visited center being Warner Park, with 1.84 million visits in 2017, according to DBK Informa:
    • It has surpassed the figure of 35.5 million visits in 2017 in Spain with a historical record in its growth, around +3%.
    • The opening of the History of Spain Park in Toledo by the French group Puy du Fou is expected in 2019.

    How do amusement and leisure parks benefit from including charging stations in their facilities?

    • At a time when there is a special dependence on the use of mobile devices, installing public mobile chargers in the leisure parks will increase the sense of innovation in the center by our visitors.
    • Your customers will feel that the amusement park seeks to offer them improvements in the space that makes their stay in the facilities more pleasant and fun.
    • Your visitors will be able to spend more time at the attractions, having fun or relaxing and being able to enjoy their leisure experience without needing to be affected by the lack of battery in their mobile phones.
    • You can benefit the amusement park, water parks or even as they are suitable for use as chargers for sports stadiums, investors can reduce installation costs thanks to our mobile chargers with advertising supports.
    • They will be able to share their experiences on site and will be the best prescriber of the business.

    Thanks to Yupcharge mobile battery chargers, visitors to our leisure park will no longer depend on having their external batteries always charged (power banks) and will be able to count on a totally safe and free charging service in our facilities.

    Today, we cannot live without our mobile phones and we carry them with us every day at all times. But what happens when our battery runs out of charge while we’re still in a football stadium or amusement park? And what happens if we don’t have a nearby charger to recharge our mobile device?

    The most common solution is to look for a plug in which we can charge our mobile and ask a worker or visitor if they have a charger that they can lend for a while to charge the mobile.


    Yupcharge offers our charging solutions or charging stations designed for the use of third parties while enjoying the attractions. Offering this type of free service is an investment we recommend as it helps improve the customer’s experience and satisfaction with the amusement park.


    It improves brand awareness, as Parques Reunidos should have the latest technologies at their disposal. It improves the experience of the visitor of the park during his stay in the water park, since he will not have to waste time when he needs to carry out one of these charges nor be aware of the mobile while it is being charged and we enjoy our favorite amusement park. It can also be used as an advertising medium, reducing installation costs.


    Based on the location, the dimensions of the amusement park, stadium or leisure space, as well as its common spaces, frequency of passage and number of clients, you can choose a different type of charger, a charging station, a charging totem, desktop chargers, or a box office for large spaces such as the Madrid Amusement Park or Port Aventura in Catalonia.

    Yupcharge adapts to your needs!

    But what type of mobile charger is best suited to each space?

    Yupcharge recommends the following types of mobile charger for theme parks:

    • Soul. It is a locker designed to offer a fast and safe charging service as it has a security lock using a traditional key. It has three lockers with charging cables compatible with all mobile devices on the market and low consumption lighting incorporated through LEDs. Its lighting can be controlled through a remote control, and its speed, mode, intensity and color can be varied, as you can choose between red, green, blue, white, orange, yellow, cyan and lilac. In addition, it has transparent methacrylate doors, which allows the cargo locker to be as visible to the user.
    • Groove. This is a charge totem called that consists of up to 8 fast charge USB outputs located 4 on each side and up to 2 plugs, one on each side. To use it, the user will only have to insert the cable in one of the eight fast charging USB outputs or the charger in one of the two available sockets. This is a product designed with materials of long durability, high resistance to use and attractive finishes, or what is the same, the perfect mobile charging solution for shopping malls.
    • Twist & Twist DS. They are two perfect charge lockers for spaces with continuous influx of people such as theme parks as they have the most secure electronic locks on the market, called keypad. The use of these keypads is very simple, the user only has to enter a personal number of four digits and hit the green key to open the door. On the other hand, each of the boxes of this charging station has inside an exclusive charging cable 3 in 1strong-kevlar anti-hacking data and compatible with all smartphones. Within this model of charging stations you can choose between different models, i.e. you can choose this wonderful box office with screen included to reproduce all the information you need. So you can choose between 22″, 22″ LCD, 50″ or 50″ LCD screens.
    • Solar or Hydraulic Soleus. This is the perfect outdoor charger because it works thanks to solar or hydraulic energy. It is a model that has four USB with IP54 protection against the weather + one wireless transmitter Qi wireless charge. In addition to all these features, outdoor mobile charger has Wi-Fi connection, digital interconnection technologies (IoT) that connect people and environmental sensors that measure the temperature, humidity or air quality of cities, being able to give information in real time.