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What satisfies us internally beautifies our face…

In a sector where beauty comes first, the benefit is well-being, the quality of service that translates into the concepts of “Commodity & Hospitality“, concepts that are developed in many businesses to reach excellence through experience.

Including charging service in aesthetic centers and salons helps the client or patient feel cared for and comfortable, connected and safe.

In addition, it will be a point of advertising for your captive client, whether to communicate the services of your center or offer space to a sponsor brand, which can generate extra income.

In Yupcharge, we have more than 30 products that cover the needs of each establishment, business or sector. Choose the most effective solution for your business.


Benefits and Advantages

  • Minimize the waiting time of your client, who will appreciate the free service during the stay in your center.
  • Add to your establishment a new and very effective proximity-marketing tool (captive customer).
  • As a retailer, you can create an advertising circuit by adding a charging station to each of your establishments.
  • Possibility to offer the circuit to a sponsor brand and increase your monthly turnover with an extra and without additional work.
  • You will give your business a benefit, differentiating it from the competition.
  • The client will be able to share “in situ”, his experience in your premises with his friends and relatives, being your best social prescriber.
  • You will attract a younger and more resourceful audience: the millennials.
  • We have products with IoT functionalities so that you know more about your clients.
Characteristics of our devices
  • Resistant, safe and attractive design.
  • Compatible with 100% of smartphones in the market.
  • Fixed or portable charging solutions.
  • Charging plates with integrated Quick Charge technology.
  • Exclusive technology AcT (Agile Charging Technology), protects the battery of your mobile.
  • Installation system “Plug & Play” (connect and ready), and easy maintenance.
  • Ideal advertising support for establishments and brands.
  • They may include some features such as Wi-Fi, IoT or Big Data.
  • Exclusive Strong Kevlar fast charge cables that transmit maximum energy.
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    Public Charging Stations for Esthetic Centers and Hairdressing

    Our charging solutions focus on offering a safe and unique charging experience through the use of mobile chargers designed for the Aesthetic Sector: Beauty Salons, Wellness Centers, Hairdressers and Barber Shops.

    The implementation of Yupcharge public mobile phone chargers for beauty centers can be an additional service to offer your customers within the spaces focused on wellness. It is ideal to install this recharging point in those spaces where the customer will be for a while under some beauty treatment and / or aesthetics.

    In order to increase the satisfaction of the clients of a hairdressing salon, offering this type of public mobile charger for beauty salons is an added value that will not pass indifferent and that, in addition, is a highly recommended investment for businesses related to the health sector.

    Including this type of facility in our wellness center will encourage our customers to spend more time in our facilities while enjoying a beauty treatment, since, thanks to the Yupcharge public mobile phone chargers our customers will be able to charge their mobile phones free while performing manicures, beauty and aesthetic treatments or while they cut their hair.

    The installation of public mobile phone chargers for wellness centers is useful for areas such as reception, common areas or changing rooms. Ideal for large Wellness Centers such as the well-known O2 in Spain.

    Yupcharge is not only a charger, it is an effective advertising support PLV for the retailers of care and beauty, and we can offer it as a communication tool to the brands of treatments and aesthetic care to sponsor them.

    In order for your customers to benefit from this innovative mobile charging service, all they have to do is contact us to clear up any possible doubts they may have about our chargers and add their wellness or beauty center to the Yupcharge revolution.

    The customers of the center will be more satisfied with their hairdresser’s, barber’s or wellness center by obtaining such an indispensable service in these times, and by not being afraid to “run out of battery while you are away from home”.

    Now, thanks to Yupcharge technology, when a client does not carry their own charger to charge their mobile device and is inside a hairdresser’s, barber’s or wellness center, they will know that they have this service available where they can safely charge their mobile with complete peace of mind while looking to get in shape and enjoy the space or their fitness challenge.

    Apart from the benefits offered by a wellness center to its customers who install this type of charging stations, lockers or chargers, the inverter that chooses this type of station will be able to recover the investment in less time thanks to the use of our mobile chargers with advertising supports, ideal for retailers of wellness centers.

    What do customers in the Health Sector demand? Trends towards the 2025 horizon

    According to the report, “Global Wellness Economy (GWI)” study carried out by the Global Wellness Institute stands out among other conclusions:

    • Since 2016, the wellness market has grown by 12.8%, reaching a market value of 4.2 trillion dollars.
    • The leading agents of growth within the Health Sector are the spa industry (9.8%), tourism facing wellness (6.5%) and finally real estate wellness (6.4%).
    • Of the 4.2 billion dedicated to wellness in 2017: Personal care, beauty and anti-aging (1.083 billion dollars), healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss (702 billion dollars), wellness tourism (639 billion dollars), fitness, mind and body (595 billion dollars), preventive medicine, personalized and public health (575 billion dollars), Traditional and complementary medicine (360 billion dollars), Real Estate Wellness (134 billion dollars), spas (119 billion dollars), spas and thermal centers (56 billion dollars) and wellness spaces in the work space (48 billion dollars).
    • Less than 10% of the world’s workers have wellness spaces at work.

    According to Spalopía developers of technology and software for wellness centers SPA, highlight wellness trends for 2019:

    • Technology and wellness form the perfect combination, due to the data that can be obtained; the data is the money of the twenty-first century.
    • Wellness becomes social, an ideal place to relax and socialize. Spas are a place where people have always come together to talk.
    • Emotional well-being has been on the rise: Technology will help to detect and measure customer satisfaction without the need for surveys.

    What are the benefits for hairdressers and barbershops to include charging stations on their premises?

    • At a time when there is a special dependence on the use of mobile devices, installing public mobile chargers for common areas in health and wellness centers will increase our customers’ sense of innovation in the center.
    • Your customers will feel that the wellness space seeks to offer them improvements in the space that makes their stay in the facilities more pleasant. Your clients will be able to spend more time relaxing and enjoying their aesthetic treatment without the need to be affected by the lack of battery in their mobile phones. The barbershop or hairdresser that installs mobile chargers can benefit from the advertising that can be incorporated into the devices.

    Thanks to the mobile battery chargers, visitors to our wellness center will no longer depend on always having their external batteries charged (power banks) and will be able to count on a totally safe and free charging service.

    Today, we cannot live without our mobile phones and we carry them with us every day at all times. But what happens when our battery runs out of charge while we’re still in the hairdresser’s? And what happens if we don’t have a nearby charger to recharge our mobile device?

    The most common solution is to look for a plug where we can charge our mobile and ask a hairdresser, barber or monitor if you have a charger that can lend for a while to charge the mobile.

    Yupcharge offers our charging solutions or charging stations designed for the use of third parties while enjoying wellness treatments. Offering this type of free service is an investment we recommend as it helps to improve the customer’s experience and satisfaction with the beauty center.

    It improves brand perception, as wellness & spa centers usually have the latest technologies. It improves the customer’s experience during their stay in the wellness space, as they do not have to waste time when they need to carry out one of these charges or be aware of the mobile while charging. In addition, it can also be used as an advertising medium, reducing installation costs.

    Depending on the location, the size of the beauty center, hairdresser or barbershop, as well as its common spaces, the frequency of passage and the number of customers, you can choose a different type of charger, a charging station, a charging totem, tabletop chargers, or a charging locker for large spaces such as large wellness centers.

    Yupcharge adapts to your needs!

    But what type of mobile charger is best suited to each space?

    Yupcharge recommends the following types of mobile charger for your business:

    • Blues XL. Ideal for businesses such as bars or restaurants or retail in general. The Blues XL desktop charger consists of two extra USB outputs, 10 autonomous portable batteries (Power Bank) for fast charging via 3 connectors, and wireless QI charging service. It is a very practical charging station, as it allows customers to recharge the battery of their device while consuming comfortably in the establishment, also includes a space adapted for advertising brands and products. Among its most important features, we can highlight:
      • Possibility of charging up to 20 devices simultaneously.
      • Individual charging option for each battery.
      • Easy “plug & charge” installation.
      • Wireless QI charging.
      • Charging cables for each user.
      • Support for PLV material.
    • Funk. This desktop charging station is ideal for small spaces, perfect for commercial establishments, waiting rooms, receptions, lobby and restaurants, among many other places. It’s a minimalist design but, at the same time, robust and elegant, promises a long duration thanks to the strong steel with which it is made. Its charging cables are compatible with any mobile device on the market, allows up to four mobiles to be charged at the same time and includes an advertising support on the back for customizable vinyl. Our Funk charger needs to be connected to a power source, is easy to install “plug & play” and is available for rent or purchase.
    • Tango Lite. It is the wireless charger with 24 hours of perfect autonomy for catering establishments due to its small dimensions. It has four USB outputs, which offer fast charging without being connected to a power source and has a led light that allows the consumer to see the state of charge of its battery. This is much more than a charger because in its back you can insert advertising at the point of sale (PLV) by vinyl, which makes this small charging device a key factor for your business.
    • Tango DS 7″. This hospitality charger has the same charging features as the Tango Lite but with a small difference in format. This charging station has a 7″ screen on which you can easily insert, via USB, all the digital content you want, making this charger the perfect tool for proximity marketing in the establishment.
    • Soul. A quick charge locker for mobiles with three lighting boxes allows the charging of up to six mobile devices at the same time. In addition, it has built-in charging cables compatible with any device. This charging locker is functional for various types of establishments, as it incorporates traditional security locks for the peace of mind of users who wish to recharge their devices. Its transparent methacrylate doors are illuminated with energy-saving LED lights that give it a very attractive and striking appearance for customers. These lights can be controlled with a remote control that serves to change the intensity, speed and color of the lights to be in perfect harmony with the decor of the establishment. The colors can be: red, green, blue, white, orange, yellow, cyan and lilac.