Smart Furniture

YupBike Kiosks is a charging totem designed under the Smart Furniture concept, the result of the combination of minimalism, comfort and the latest ecological charging technologies.
It has 1 customizable socket according to needs (Type C, Type E, Type F or Type G), which work through the kinetic energy that the user generates through the movement of the pedals.
YupBike Kiosk is an off-the-grid product (autonomous), since the charger is not connected to the electricity grid.
YupBike Kiosk is a “fun” charging concept that promotes physical activity combining technology and health wherever it is installed.

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1 Promotes physical activity

2 100% ecological kinetic energy

3 Ideal for leisure spaces and common areas

4 Fully customizable charging station for public places, places of high traffic and receptions

Secure Charge

2 Years

Led Display de carga

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  • Reference


  • Dimensions

    1554 height x 484 width x 766 depth (mm)

  • Power


  • Charging Systems

    • x1 Plugs
  • Input

    AC 110-230V / 50-60Hz

  • USB Output

    • Plugs: 1
  • Net weight


  • Material

    Steel ISO 10204, Phenolic 8 mm

  • Color

    White RAL (9010)

  • Certificates


  • Accessories

    Socket customizable: Type C, Type E, Type F or Type G, Not includes user cables

  • Advertising support

    • Total Skinning: 1489 x 849 x 551 mm
    • Frontal Skinning : 560 x 1000 x mm
    • Side Skinning: 1489 x 849 x mm
    • Request the completed skin dimensions for the brand configuration.



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