Our professional mobile charging stations adapt to the needs of each client and space

They can also be large or small, offer open charging spaces or charging lockers, and, also, have digital screens or advertising spaces

¡Discover all our models and their features!

Our condition as manufacturers allows us to be in constant development of new products, with an internal R+D+i (engineering “in house”) integrated in our company philosophy to be able to offer the fastest and safest, adaptable professional charger solutions to the demands of different businesses and sectors. Since 2007 we have developed and manufactured more than 30 products.

Our portfolio of products include chargers of all sizes and designs, they can also be open charger structures, lockers or totems that also include digital screens for online digital content and all include spaces reserved for advertising.

Desktop Chargers

Cellphone charging stations small businesses. We can find, for example, phone charging stations for bars and restaurants or charging stations for waiting rooms in a hospitals or others sectors.

Charging Totems

Charging stations with accessible structures. Perfect for recharging devices in rest areas or areas with large influx of people.

Charging Lockers

These mobile charging stations offer a safe charge off multiple devices at the same time. Designed for areas with a lot of people and needing security. Charging lockers are perfect for waiting areas, restaurants, universities, hospitals or mobile chargers for events, congresses, etc.

Wireless chargers

Cables out there, cables over there … The magic of charging without cables is possible!. Wireless chargers are perfect for delivering innovative, unique and futuristic charging solutions.

Smart Furniture

Our Smart Furniture is the ideal choice for urban and modern environments. These charging stations combine minimalism with utility and, in addition, offer their users the best charging options for their mobile devices in an integrated and comfortable way with the space that surrounds them.

Custom Projects

Yupcharge offers the possibility of developing tailor-made projects according to the needs of your business, the market and your customers. To achieve the best results, our R+D+i team maintains a close relationship with the customer and is 100% involved in the development of the new concept.