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Innovative functional and simple accessories

Discover the range of accessories that complements your charging solution!


We have a variety of accessories that complement our professional charger equipment. Like our charging stations, its accessories are characterized by innovation, simplicity and optimal functionality.

We have developed our accessories for easy use and installation. Without the need for specialized maintenance, they have been designed and manufactured with compact materials that maintain all the standards and quality guarantees of our brand.

Our accessories are designed to improve the user experience when they are charging, optimize processes and protect mobile devices at all times.

Developed from charging cables Strong-Kevlar for users, individual USB chargers with multiple outputs, Anti-Theft for Tango and Tango Lite and Charger Docs (trays) to charge multiple stations simultaneously desk stations.

Implement a Yupcharge charging station in your business and offer added value to your customers. Discover all our accessories and accessories to make your project a success.