July 19, 2013, Barcelona

These last days are coming more news on mobile phone users being electrocuted by not using original or approved chargers.

We are not sure if these news are true or not. But we do know for sure that using spare batteries or not approved chargers may cause accidents and bad consequences.

Since Yup!Charge want to echo this news not intended to alarm users, if it is determined that cheap, sometimes, is very expensive.

Charge your phone with quality products and trust you have all guarantees and corresponding quality labels.

With Yup!Charge rest assured if you load in any of our equipment installed in the city. We have the CE and ISO’s quality and environment. And just to be accepted in the MFI.

We love your batt! 😉

Here we leave one of these news “Un joven, entra en coma, tras recibir una descarga eléctrica al cargar su smartphone”

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